• 16 Mar 2023

Trading Assistance Platform Artisgain Introduces Unique Free Tools

The Foreign Exchange Market is a 24-hour, international market where currencies are exchanged at a pre-specified price. With an estimated $5.4 trillion transacted every day over Forex alone, it is one of the biggest financial markets in the world, majorly utilized by multinational corporations and currency traders who hope to benefit by predicting the link between exchange rates.

However, whether it is stock, crypto, or Forex, the markets are highly volatile and hence, even though the returns may be lucrative, they can come with incredibly high risks. Even top-tier traders and experts in financial mathematics occasionally find it challenging to manage these ever-shifting markets.

ArtisGain came into the industry to assist traders in this hurdle by creating a tool that gives a tell-tale picture of the market data and spreads in real-time.

The founder of Artisgain says :

"The biggest problem of traders is that they reach a point where they no longer know how to modify their trading strategy to become more profitable. They get bogged down in algorithms, in technical, fundamental analysis, but without thinking that the Forex market is a market with brownian, random movements, which cannot always be intuited or predicted, so you need something tangible to be able to relate to at the time you place any transaction."

Artisgain was developed with the aim of being a helpful and insightful assistant to traders. The company has partnered with more than 100 brokerage houses around the world and has created a bridge with almost all of them. With the help of this broad network, the organization was able to develop a database on each of their partner brokers.

This, in turn, gave way to the unique tool, Real Time Prices & Spreads, that can stream, in the form of charts, the prices of all the trading instruments most commonly traded around the world, in real-time. This information is particularly helpful for traders to determine where and how much to invest and the company uses it to offer its members advice on which brokerage firm will suit their trading style. Keeping in mind that trading can be quite an expensive affair itself with the excessive trading fees, Artisgain offers this service free of cost on their website.

Currently, the company is in the process of expanding into becoming a brokerage house themselves and also start offering virtual servers specialized in high frequency trading (HFT). These servers will be accessible free of cost to their active members who manage to transact a minimum volume per month using the company's platform.

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