What we are doing ?

We know how important is to have lower trading costs while doing active trading. Therefore we have partnered with the biggest and most reliable brokers/exchanges in the world, just to offer you better trading conditions.

What we are basically doing is to discount your trading costs up to 70% off the spread/commission that you are paying to the broker for each of your trades. It is very important to understand that we do not apply any markup to the original spreads or commissions.

Who can benefit from our business model ?

We offer our services worldwide, so anyone older than 18+ years and interested in trading can open an account with us and with the brokers/exchanges listed on our website.

Doesn't matter if you do manual trading or if you use automated trading softwares, we are paying out cashback based on the volumes traded by each of you.

1. How to create an ArtisGain account ?

Opening an account with ArtisGain is totally free, with no hidden or future costs. You would simply have to press the Sign Up button and fill in the required fields. It is very important to fill correctly all the fields because the next step is to complete the KYC (Know Your Client) procedure which is mandatory for the moment when you will want to withdraw your earned cashback

2. How to open an account with a broker/exchange under ArtisGain IB ?

We have partnered with more than 100+ brokers/exchanges just to make sure that we fullfill every customer's needs in terms of trading conditions. Choose your broker/exchange from the list and navigate on the page that corresponds to each broker/exchange. In order to make sure that you open your trading account under our IB, you will have to press the button Open Real Account [Jurisdiction - i.e UK, CY, MAU etc] which will redirects you to the broker's website from where you can open the trading account.

3. How to add my broker/exchange account ?

After you successfully open the account with your preffered broker/exchange, you will have to go to your ArtisGain client area and add your trading account number under Brokers --> Add Account. We will than verify with the broker/exchange if your account is under our IB. If it's not, than we will send you an email, telling you what to do in order to move it under us.

4. When will I start getting cashback ?

After we successfully approve your newly added trading account, you can start trading and earn cashback, based on the amount of volumes that you will be trading. On the page corresponding to your broker/exchange you will find more information regarding the amount of cashback paid for each instrument and the periodicity of the cashback payments

Why do we need to perform KYC (Know Your Client) procedure ?

The objective of KYC guidelines is to prevent businesses from being used by criminal elements for money laundering and for financing terrorism. Therefore we fully comply with our EU laws which obliges us to perform the KYC procedure to all our clients with whom we have monetary relations, such as withdrawals of money from ArtisGain cashback account. 

How i can withdraw my cashback ?

Before applying for a withdrawal, first you have to submit a payment method from the ones available at the moment - bank transfer, crypto, skrill and paypal. Keep in mind that it can take up to 48h for our payment team to process your request.


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