• 29 Jul 2022

How ArtisGain Is Redefining The Industry Of Forex Trading

Have you ever wondered what Forex is all about after seeing the term? It is also known as FX trading and is an acronym for Foreign Exchange trading. The Foreign Exchange Market is a 24-hour global market where one currency is traded for another currency at a fixed price, digitally or over the phone. It is one of the largest financial markets worldwide with an estimated $5.4 trillion traded daily. It is used for currency exchange by global corporations and currency traders who aim to predict the relationship between exchange rates in order to gain profit.

As with any stock market, we look to seasoned professionals and industry leaders to help us along the way. The creator of ArtisGain, a Cashback Forex company that enables traders to earn cashback on every trade, is Dragos Moldovan, an experienced trader and technology provider. He set this organisation up to not only specialise in Forex trading but to help traders in the stock market and the cryptocurrency market, ensuring all trader’s needs are catered for. In order to guarantee that their customers have the best possible trading circumstances, ArtisGain has established agreements with over 100 reputable brokerages in these sectors.

The art of trading is a difficult craft to master and even traders at the top of their game can struggle to navigate these unpredictable markets. With the added costs of extortionate trading fees, it can make it extremely hard for small-time traders to make a profit. Forex rebate platforms help to eliminate these fees by becoming partners with different broker firms and help traders to make cash back on each trade they make.

The trading conditions remain the same, as if the client is opening their trading accounts directly with the brokerage, they just get the added benefit of reduced partnership fees. Due to the high number of reliable brokers on the ArtisGain platform, it stands out from rival Forex gain platforms. With +900 accounts already created with the firm, it has already managed to pay out over $296k in cashback in 8 months alone.

Another stand-out feature of ArtisGain is a unique tool on the site that helps clients compare in real-time the prices of their partner brokers and also their spreads and commissions, which is extremely useful knowledge to have when deciding where and how much to invest. The company also offers expert advice to his clients saying:

“Based on the trading strategies of each client, we can recommend the best brokerage house for them, going above and beyond to ensure each client has trading success“.

The best part about ArtisGain is that it is totally free to sign up, with no future hidden costs. The founder wanted to develop a Forex cashback platform to solely help other traders avoid the large trading fees and make as much profit as possible. This service has a direct impact on each of its clients’ trades with immediate effect, by reducing their commissions, which for a free service is incredibly impressive.

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