• 16 Mar 2023

Here's a Free Platform That Reinvents Forex Cashback

What comes to mind when you hear the word 'trading'? Most of us consider it a high-risk venture because of the negative connotation of the term: financial ruin. With proper guidance and experts behind your back, trading can be a life-changing opportunity.

Simply put, the term 'trading' refers to the exchange of goods or services between economic actors. In finance, the buying and selling of securities or other assets make up the word 'trading'. In the financial market, there are many trading assets today, the most popular ones being forex, stock, and the contemporary: crypto exchange.

Forex, or FX, refers to foreign exchange, which is the world's largest market by far. It involves the purchase, sale and exchange of currencies at current or fixed prices. The second term, 'stock trading', refers to the purchase and sale of shares in a specific company. So technically, you become a part owner of a company if you own the stock. How amazing is that!

The latest of all the trading assets is cryptocurrency, which is creating hype for being the decentralized digital currency. The currency is not backed or maintained by any central authority. Instead, data exchange and ownership are recorded in a digital ledger that employs blockchains.

Now, let's talk about the elephant in the room, which is how to master this craft and stay at the top of the game. Added to this is the fear to make a profit in these unpredictable markets and the additional costs of absurdly high trading fees.

To make trading an easy and profitable side income source, Dragos Modovan and his company, ArtisGain, are working to reduce trading costs by up to 70 per cent while maintaining the same trading conditions. They provide an ecosystem where traders can earn cashback on every trade placed with forex, stock or crypto exchange.

The genesis

While doing his master's degree, Dragos was co-opted in a brokerage house in Romania, where he got his license as an authorized trader. Later, he was recruited to one of Cyprus's largest brokerage houses, where he was part of the dealing team primarily focused on risk management. Six months into his job, Dragos decided it would be best to start his own company where he could begin developing trading software, and this is how he became the owner and founder of an IT company where he developed professional trading software.

Since Dragos and his team were creating automatic trading software for the forex market, they were aware of the limitations of the trading strategies. They discovered a way to increase profitability that was completely free and without any additional hassles, and they dubbed it 'forex cashback'. The service enabled retail traders to earn significant additional income, particularly those who trade actively.

Having been involved in the forex market for many years, Dragos was well-versed in the services and products available. He realized it was extremely difficult to find legitimate products/services to improve every trader's trading strategy/profitability. For this reason, he wanted to create something free for the trading community that provided a quick and risk-free benefit, regardless of the risks of trading itself.

That is how ArtisGain came to be: a free platform where traders can receive cashback after each transaction, and have access to various trading tools that can help them make certain decisions. The company plans to publish some other free products/services on the site to help them become more profitable in the future.

What does ArtisGain have to offer?

In just eight months, ArtisGain has received cashback totaling $290,000 from its partner brokerage houses and has the most partnerships. On the technological front, they have implemented a system for monitoring the prices and spreads of specific financial instruments from partner brokerage houses in real-time, with no delay.

Apart from FX cashback/rebate service, the other standout features offered by ArtisGain are the real-time prices and spreads that help traders to compare in real time the prices and spreads of different brokerage houses with which we have partnered and the trading tools that can help in creating a larger image of the market before taking their trading decisions.

The founder and director, desires to help other traders to become more profitable, and to make them realize how much they could earn if a part of high trading costs would go to them.

Lastly, Dragos expresses his belief that:

"We, as people, always believe that only difficult and complicated things can bring us extra income, but in reality, it is not like that; you simply have to see the opportunity where it is."

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