• 16 Mar 2023

How Cashback Giant ArtisGain Is Changing The Game For Independent Traders In 2022

If you hear the term trading your mind instantly takes you to one of the big 3 - Foreign Exchange, Cryptocurrency, and the Stock Market. Trading can be a tricky game to get your head around and one that can involve big risks. However, when executed well, trading can lead to a very profitable income and desirable lifestyle.

Most professional traders thrive under pressure and enjoy the thrill of trying to land big trades. To survive in the trading game you will need a clear understanding of the market you are trading in with a keen eye for analysis and the ability to make informed decisions at a quick rate. Most traders will work for a company, financial institute or independently.

Foreign Exchange aka Forex (FX) is one of the biggest financial markets in the world, with daily trades of almost $5.4 trillion, according to estimates. It is a 24-hour market where one currency is traded for another currency at a fixed price. Predicting the relationship between the exchange rates of these currencies can lead to being able to secure a profit.

The stock market, also known as the share market, is a public marketplace that is for the purchase, and sale of stocks that trade over-the-counter or on a stock exchange. Investors can purchase and sell equities that represent a portion of ownership in a corporation. If you invest wisely in a profitable company your stock share can rise in price and lead to a wealthy profit margin.

The new kid on the block cryptocurrency is decentralised digital coins that fluctuate in price points. After rapidly gaining in popularity the thriving crypto market was born. Due to the way these coins increase and decrease in value it makes them similar to a stock, depending on the price you bought the coin for will depend on whether you can bag yourself a profit.

With every industry you face obstacles but the trading market can be especially difficult if you're starting out as an independent trader and find yourself as a very small fish in a very big pond. Alongside needing impeccable analysing skills, strong personal discipline and motivation, it is important to have enough cash flow to be able to trade. If you are depositing small amounts the trading fees alone will likely make it impossible to secure a profit despite picking wisely.

Trade and gain cashback platform ArtisGain is helping traders to eliminate some of those barriers through its free service. The founder highlights one of the key difficulties independent traders have are the extortionate trading fees:

"The trading commissions you have to pay are not small. Sometimes you can enter a trade in the right direction but due to the fees you end up at a loss rather than a profit."

ArtisGain helps to reduce those fees by up to 70% due to the partnerships it has created with several reputable brokerage firms across all three trading markets. The company has already managed to give its clients over $296k in Forex cashback in its first 8 months, a number that is certainly only going to rise.

If you are at the start of your trading journey looking into a Forex rebate platform could be a smart way to ensure you are able to grow your money as opposed to haemorrhaging it on trading fees. ArtisGain is certainly helping to revolutionise the way new independent traders can get started within this field.

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